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Did you know 50% of us get stuck in the fires of trauma with issues like grief, guilt, blame, anger, denial, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia for months, even years?  Sometimes we carry these heavy burdens to our grave!

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Especially for                                 People with Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury: Some Tips to Work Around It

By John Hatten

TBI Counselor, Survivor

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HOPE Beyond Trauma

...a mother's journey

Janie takes you behind closed doors...

  • Daughter sustains severe injuries...
  • Son returns home from combat...
  • Everything is falling apart, including herself...


ACCEPTANCE Beyond Trauma: ...Working Through Multiple Family Crises

by Janie Smith, CEO, HOPE Beyond Trauma

Audio Blog:

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How to Improve Attention

Bridgid Ruden

Bridgid Ruden

TRIUMPH Beyond Trauma

  with Special Guest

Bridgid Rudin, ARNP

Bridgid sustained a traumatic brain injury in a bicycle accident in 2008.

  • ​Re-learn how to walk, speak, read, write and basic life skills.
  • Survived several near death experiences

Listen to Bridgid's inspiring story below!

Trauma is not a new phenomenon!

By Janie Smith, CEO, HOPE Beyond Trauma

  •   How is it that some people move through these intense life altering experiences with a higher purpose and new direction in life, while others get stuck in yesterday?

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How to Deal with Unnecessary Stress and Steps to Move Through It

    by Janie Smith, Founder and Author of HOPE Beyond Trauma   Stress is a part of life that can push and motivate us to accomplish things we never thought possible OR stress can paralyze us to do absolutely nothing. However, today so many of us are dealing with the unnecessary stresses in life that complicate and makes caregiving all the harder to ha [...]

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TBI: A Survivor’s Thoughts on His 42nd Anniversary of His Brain Injury

By John Hatten, Rehabilitation Counselor, TBI Survivor   One thing I do every year on the anniversary of my fall (April 18, 1973: I'm doing it today) and TBI is write about some aspect of my recovery. Many years, I have gone over my hospital records and notes from previous years to see where I've been: this is both heartening and frightening: I have to face how [...]

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TBI: Avoid the Rabbit Trails!

By John Hatten, Rehabilitation Counselor, TBI Survivor There’s lots of things we can do to increase our focus (which is very commonly affected by TBI). One of these things is to avoid distractions. I’m working hard on this now: I have scheduled this time to write for the blog, and it’s working pretty well. The one thing I find that I need to avoid is “rabbit tr [...]

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Traumatic Brain Injury: The 4 Concepts That Are Always All Around Us

By John Hatten, Rehabilitation Counselor, TBI Survivor I find that I learn as much from putting together these presentations as I hope you do from reading them. I’m also going to put a TBI spin on each to explain how these ideas can help us Survivors come to grips with our situation. The four words I am talking about today are the 4 “givens” to human life: these 4 c [...]

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