Smith Family Album




Tanya Tanya

Tanya Janie Time treeTanya             Janie             Tim

This Ginko tree’s leaves are supposed to increase your memory when you touch them.  You can bet we’re touching them a lot!  This is on the grounds of Vanderbilt Mansion in New York.

Hooch, Terry, LibertyTerry with their dogs, Hooch & Liberty

Lauren Terry ceremony Lauren pinning another stripe on Terry

Tanya Richard Tim

Tanya, Richard & Tim at Vanderbilt Mansion, New York

Lauren Terry weddingLauren & Terry   July 2, 2005

Jess & Tim v.2 Jess & Tim   September 14, 2008

Lauren Terry Tanya

Lauren       Terry       Tanya

Jess & Tim

Jess and Tim

Jane & Dick Dick & Jane

No, we do not own a dog named Spot…


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