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Janie takes you behind closed doors...

  • When her teen-age daughter sustains severe injuries in an automobile accident.
  • From life and death decisions in the trauma unit to the harrowing roller-coaster ride of the rehabilitation process.
  • How her daughter's unpredictable violent episodes tore through the fabric of her being and the entire family.
  • When her youngest son returns from six combat tours full of anger and rage becoming a walking time bomb.
  • How she fights to keep her family together while everything around her is falling apart...including herself.
  • From mountaintop experiences to the very bowels of hell, Janie reveals how her faith and family played a vital role in her own survival.
Benny Goodman

“For someone just starting down the “TBI road” with a loved one, your book should be mandatory reading. You have covered so many obstacles and road blocks that they will encounter. I know as my wife, Gerlinde and I traveled the same road... Still, your experiences should give hope to others on the road that there is some light and hope at the end of the tunnel.”

Benny Goodman,
MSgt, U.S. Air Force, Retired; Caregiver

Brenda Williams

I have read Janie’s story of her almost insurmountable journey, to reach the level of functioning, social-ability and successful daily living her daughter Tanya is now enjoying. Janie had such inner strength and hung on when others many have given up.

I truly admire Janie and her entire family for how well, through all the dark days, they stayed together as a family...

Carol J. Hegdahl, Counselor, Trainer for Developmentally Disabled Adults

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Brenda Williams

This is one book that everyone should read. Janie has told her story about what her family has gone through and how it affected them. We never know when it might be someone in our family going through the same situation. There’s a lot of help out there if we know where to look and I think that is what Janie wanted to get out to people. This book is not just about Janie and her family but about how to reach out to others. I would recommend this book for anyone who has either experienced trauma or have loved ones who are living through or have survived trauma.

Brenda Williams,

Military Spouse, Purchasing Agent

Kay Fittes

“Hope Beyond Trauma…a mother’s journey,” is truly a riveting journey. I could not put it down. You’ll laugh with Janie and cry with Janie. Most of all, you’ll learn or be reminded of universal life lessons worth applying everyday in your own life.”

Kay Fittes,
CEO and Founder of High-Heeled Success,
Author of Achieving High-Heeled Success: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed 

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Geri Sue Sandor

I am amazed at the resilience and strength that you have. I love the fact that you were totally honest about the times when you fell apart. It shows that we can get to a point in our life when no matter how sane we feel we are, we may lose touch with how much we can actually handle before our body lets us know that we need to stop.

We need more people like you to tell their stories and to be the light that shines as an example for how others can turn tragedy into triumphs.

Geri Sue Sandor, CHHC, AADP,CLYL; Certified Health and Wellness Coach,Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified Breathologist (Breathing Techniques) 

John Hatten

John Hatten, Rehabilitation Counselor

HOPE BEYOND TRAUMA…a mother’s journey This is a magnificent work: from the quote from Christopher Reeve “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible”, which opens the book, this intense and energizing book gives hope to anyone who is dealing with trauma of any sort in their life. Janie tells us of her journey from that phone call when she found out that her daughter has sustained a brain injury, through the agonizing periods of shock, denial and eventual acceptance. She also discusses the other complicating issues in her life including her youngest son gone off to war.

I’ve read this book a few times and I’ve found more with each reading. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone who has either experienced trauma or have loved ones who are living through or have survived trauma. Personally, I have discovered more about what my parents went through from an accident I had in 1973.  --John Hatten, Rehabilitation Counselor