After TBI a Survivor’s Perspective: Tanya’s Thoughts

By Tanya Smith, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

The world is not against you like you think it is.  This is one of the first stages of recovery.  Recognize this, but don’t let it define you.  Tell yourself over and over that God does not leave “junk” on His beautiful world.  This needs to be done several times each day.  Your are still here with your fellow man to offer things to this world.  Don’t strike out at your loved ones because no amount of screaming and yelling will change your situation as a traumatic brain injury (tbi) survivor. ( A loved one is defined as anyone who is helping you through this ordeal, be it therapists, friends, family)

Work hard at molding the abilities you still have left and DO NOT call yourself an IDIOT because you can’t do things the way you used to do.  Some abilities and things were taken from you, but not everything.  Concentrate on congratulating yourself for every accomplishment.  Make yourself better by reshaping your abilities to make yourself shine.

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