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John Hatten

John Hatten

John Hatten is 'The TBI Guy' on YouTube. He sustained a serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 1973. As a young college student he fell 28 feet while working at a construction site in Fullerton, CA. Daily suicidal thoughts and anger issues haunted him for years. Today, he still has orientation issues to place and time, but has learned how to negotiate in spite of his cognitive issues. In the 43 years since that accident, John has used his high native intelligence and fierce determination (some might call it hardheadedness) to learn and develop strategies that have helped him succeed.

John completed his Bachelors’ degree at Cal. State Fullerton (learning some hard-earned lessons about trying to go back to school too soon); then went back some years later to earn a Masters’ in Rehabilitation Counseling at Bowling Green State University and even later to earn a Masters’ of Education (Counseling Psychology) from the University of Southern California. As he learned that his personal and cognitive issues were caused by his TBI, he began to study TBI and intervention. All this time he was testing and using various strategies to mitigate the effects of his TBI.

Besides working with Hope Beyond Trauma, John is working to reach as many TBI survivors as he can. He is involved in several TBI web groups: such as the circlegroup, the survivoracquiredbraininjury and the Traumatic_Brain_Injury Yahoo groups. At the Department of Rehabilitation, John was developing a TBI caseload and helping survivors with vocational counseling, training and placement. At the Rehabilitation Research Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (San José, California), John was the Traumatic Brain Injury Case Manager, helping over 350 clients with their issues and countless others via the phone. He also edited and wrote the chapter introductions for the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory, a comprehensive compendium of TBI Resources in the Santa Clara Valley and beyond. At Casa Colina-Neurological Learning Center (South Pasadena, California), John helped people with TBI is all aspects of vocational counseling, from composing lesson plans and teaching job search classes through counseling regarding emotional recovery and cognitive retraining to developing jobs, placing and job coaching those with TBI.

John’s best work is helping people with TBI to help themselves learn and practice the cognitive, emotional and vocational skills that work for them is where his path has led him. He uses his professional empathy with his extensive knowledge of TBI to assist his clients to learn the skills they need to improve maximally.

John lives in San Francisco, California with his wife of 37 years, Shirley and their cat Delilah. John and his wife have volunteered for Rock Medicine, a branch of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, for over 29 years, helping people who are suffering from crowd syndrome or intoxication to calm down. They have been favored with a daughter Amy and two granddaughters, Elizabeth and Ashley.

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