After Trauma: Life is to be lived!

By Tanya Smith, TBI Survivor

Fellow survivors: Life is to be lived!  We survived a horrific injury.  Some depression should be felt for what we lost; but don’t let that depression consume you for years, as it did with me.  Be grateful for ALL that’s been left to you because you don’t have to look too far to witness those who are less fortunate.  Please, please don’t let your disability define you as an individual whose soul existence is spent confined in a wheelchair, or your sitting in a recliner watching life pass you by.

In  California I met a gal, Brenda, whose disability is so severe that she needed help with the minimal tasks, and whose conversations were aided by a talking pad attached to her wheelchair.  She still did not let that define her, as we met on campus with her taking some physical fitness classes, as I was attaining my G.E.D..  We got to “talking” and discovered that we lived in the same apartment complex.   Why I am sharing this story is because Brenda wasn’t wasting away.  She was still a high spirited lady performing tasks she could do.

When I attended support group meetings in California, and explained my past work experience with activities at the Youth Center, fellow survivors told me that I didn’t need help with finding work I’d be excellent at because I already knew the work.  Why I am sharing this with you is because sometimes you don’t have to look too far, “just in your backyard”, to figure out  what you do best.

Something else to consider… every single person on this planet are given challenges in their life.  Everyone believes those challenges to be insurmountable at times.  But if you dig down to your upbringing and beliefs; you recognize your support system whether it be family or friends, you realize that God does not leave junk on his precious planet.  You have to slow down, reorganize yourself, and still push forward with just as much energy to have a wonderful life.


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