NEWS FLASH! Trauma is not a new phenomenon…

By Janie Smith, Founder HOPE Beyond Trauma

Trauma is not a new phenomenon! It may only be new to you! Tragic events have been around since the beginning of time. More than likely you have already experienced some major trauma(s) in your life. It isn’t a matter of IF it will happen; more often, it’s a matter of when will it happen to you! Pick up the paper, magazine, newscast; tragedy strikes every day. Every moment of everyday major suffering is happening to someone, somewhere in our world.

How is it that some people move through these intense life altering experiences with a higher purpose and new direction in life, while others get stuck in yesterday, unable to get past the tragedy. Some live with guilt, regrets, fear, anger and depression for months, years, even decades. Sadly, some die carrying their heavy load.

What is the difference between them?

Jerry makes an UNCONSCIOUS DECISION to avoid the pain and eventually allow tragic life circumstances take control. He may tell himself that he is not strong enough to handle it. Jerry may choose avoidance because it’s too hard to face the challenge. Unknowingly this will only compound his problems and make his life even more difficult.

Karen on the other hand, makes a CONSCIOUS DECISION to walk through her pain, no matter how difficult or how long her journey. She may choose to seek out others who have already experienced similar pain. She learns through their mistakes on how to avoid some pitfalls. Even when Karen wants to quit, she looks within herself and to others for encouragement. She knows by taking the RIGHT ACTIONS she will benefit greatly by learning and growing from her experience. Along her difficult journey she becomes a stronger person. Amazingly, she has now gained tools and incredible wisdom to help someone else on their journey!

Vicky desperately wants to MOVE FORWARD but gets lost in all the negativity flooding her mind and of those around her. She just can’t seem to find her way and wants to learn a better system. Vicky is willing to take RIGHT ACTIONS and understands this is not an easy journey, but she knows it is the path with the greatest rewards. She does not want to die carrying to her grave a heavy load of guilt, regrets, fear, anger and depression. Vicky wants to live a happy and productive life again. She needs a mentor and guide.

HOPE BEYOND TRAUMA’S mission and passion is to help others move forward after major trauma. I know from personal experience this is a long and difficult journey. I also KNOW that it is one with tremendous rewards along the way. I have experienced a number of traumatic events in my life; however, the most long term trauma, happened after my 15-year-old daughter sustained severe brain injuries in an automobile accident.

From life and death decisions in the trauma unit to the harrowing rehabilitation process put our family on a treacherous journey of violent episodes that tore through the fabric of our being. From mountaintop experiences to the bowels of hell happened in the blink of an eye.

Having been down this most difficult path, my passion and drive is to help Vicky and those like her to move forward in their own life.

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