After TBI: Where to now?

By Tanya Smith, TBI Survivor

After my injury my mind was going in so many directions.  ‘What is my life going to be like now,’ I’d ask myself?  There were so many things that were “wrong” with me; where was I to start?  I didn’t want to listen to the doctors or psychiatrists because they weren’t telling me what I wanted to hear.  For me, in some ways that was good.  They were being so negative that if I did listen to them, I wouldn’t be as independent as I am now.

When I heard their negativity, it made me work that much harder- give that obstacle 150% of my effort to prove them wrong.  Not all of their direction was bad.  Yes, things that they did tell me, no matter how hard I attempted to prove them wrong, it wouldn’t get accomplished.  I prayed, the works.  “Please, Dear Lord, if you let me accomplish this or that; I’ll give you anything.”

He did let me accomplish this or that.  Not everything that was asked for I got.  That’s just life.  In return I have given Him an awesome woman who puts her best out in the work she does.  I give my best in EVERYTHING I do both professionally and personally.  I don’t hesitate in letting the ones I care about know it either.  I can’t count the number of times I say, “I Love You” to my loved ones.  This is because you never know when it’s going to be your last time to share those feelings.

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